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Whether you are looking for Online Coach or a Coach to work with on a one to one basis Donnie is your man. He has over 10 years coaching experience and has worked with numerous athletes varying from complete beginners to national and international level and has successfully helped people back to full fitness after short and long term injuries and works closely with the Scottish Running Clinic  


If your training has hit a plateau, lost motivation, keep getting injured, unsure how to optimise your training or just looking for training support and encouragement Donnie can help. We all perform better with the correct advice, guidance and the appropriate encouragement so if you want to take your training to the next level or just get a little bit fitter and check out Donnie’s Online Coaching or One to One coaching form more information or just give him a call. 


Donnie offers a 30 min complimentary consultation where you can find out more information about the services he offers and discuss your needs, personal goals and how he can help you achieve them.




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Trail Running Coaching Feature for the Adventure Show


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