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"Donnie is ideally placed to advise on training regimes and nutrition. His background in the royal marines and performing extremely well in ultra marathons is remarkable, especially given that he used to be the archetypal couch potato. Consequently he knows what it is like trying to get, fit, but also knows what it is like at the top level. His qualifications in sports Development & Coaching and personal training are requirements, but it's Donnie's infectious enthusiasm and love of the job that will get you exercising"

Dr Andrew Murray, Marathon Medical Services, Endurance Runner, Represented Scotland 100km


"Donnie has a highly respected, first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge into the background and delivery of exercise and running but the most obvious factor in my training, is his compelling personality and passion for the sport. Without realizing it, Donnie's passion, delivery and 'after session' support and advice, have you believing that your goals are achievable but above all else, have you enjoying where you are, at the level you are working towards. His ability to instantly respond to any situation within a training schedule, is just the reassurance that I was looking for. To be able to think on 'your feet' and respond positively to a situation, that still allows you to train and train hard! Even through an injury, Donnie left me feeling stronger than I ever have. The learning curve for me was extremely valuable."

Ross Lawrie, Tripple West Highland Way Race finsher

"Following an injury, the physio said I would have to change the way I run.    I went to Donnie and spent the next few months learning to run naturally, combined with strength and conditioning/plyometrics sessions and a weekly training programme specific to what I wanted to achieve.  The difference was amazing!  Having started from scratch with the new running style, I built up to my goal of running an ultra.  Donnie pushes you hard and gets results.  If you are unwell or pick up an injury he adjusts the programme and training to suit. His experience is immense, he offers good advice, is passionate about what he does and takes great pleasure in seeing his clients achieving their goals."

Lorna Broadhurst


"Hi Donnie, just wanted to let you know I reached my goal of a sub 3.15 marathon today (3.14.18 in London) and say thanks for your help during the summer. It took a few months to adjust to the new running style but it has paid off with no twisted ankles so far and a more efficient feel to my running. Thanks, Asta."

Asta Parker

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