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Salomon has been playing in the French alps since 1947.
Their passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship drives them - and still does - to create progressive gear to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors. - "Don’t wait any longer.  Now, it’s time to play."

 Suunto was born in Finland more than 80 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass.


Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions. From the beginning of time, man has explored. All that has changed are the tools.


The word “Suunto” comes from the Finnish word meaning “direction”. Suunto is pronounced “Soon-toh”.

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TEKO is the most award winning sock in the World. Our overriding goal is to be the best sock on the planet and the best sock for the planet. And most importantly, we understand it is a never-ending journey.


It has been a roller coaster two years winning the Innovation Award and Eco-Performance Award at ISPO 2016 and the Innovation Award at International OutDoor Trade Show in Germany in 2015.  On top of this were selected as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the UK in 2015.


Passion for comfort, fit and performance.

It would be fair to say that we are as passionate about fit and comfort as we are about the environment and performance - to us you simply cannot truly enjoy the one without the other.

Passion for the environment


Our passion for the outdoor sport is accompanied be an equal passion for making and doing with as little environmental impact as possible. We are the only technical sock company to make our running and cycling products from regenerated commercial fishing nets.  We also use responsibly farmed, chlorine-free merino wool and recycled polyester made from used drinks bottles collected in Turin, Italy.


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